Tutorial: De-Poofing a Petticoat


What? Me, writing a post about wanting a petticoat to be less poofy? Since school has started, and I have to sit on tiny chairs all day, having a big, poofy skirt has been impractical, so I’ve been liking a more subtle look more and more. However, I don’t really have a petticoat that gives a subtle 50s shape, and I was scared to cut one of mine and have it fail miserably! When I saw Modcloth was having a sale on their short purple petticoat, I bought it, and then proceeded to pretty successfully tone down the poof to a more suitable for everyday amount.


The Steampunk Mad Hatter, Part 1

mad hatter 2

It’s been a crazy week, so apologies for not posting! I’ve started work on the base garments for a steampunk version of the Mad Hatter (hence the incomplete hat in the photo!) You’ll notice most of these photos were taken at night, because most of the work was done after 10pm, thanks to busy days and bouts of insomnia. Information on how it was done below the cut!