An Embroidered Wedding Dress…

My radio silence is over! I can finally talk about this dress and the (many, many) hours of work that went into it. 103 hours of stitching, some blood, some spit, and a few dozen tears later, it was reception ready!

This is going to be a pretty photo heavy post, partly because I can’t pick between the dozens of beautiful photos Sunshower Photography took!


The 1790s Dress, Photos


I finally got photos of my 1790s dress! This is actually the second set of photos I’ve taken of it – the first didn’t come out due to bad lighting (it’s been storming here all week). Luckily, they came out this time, and I have some proper pictures. I’d love to eventually photograph this dress in a proper, pretty setting (and not just in my apartment), but for now I’m pretty pleased with these.

The Masquerade Dress, Photos


I got photos of my masquerade dress a little bit ago, and finished editing them recently. I like how most of them turned out, and think they showcase the dress pretty well because it caught the light so much. The and dress are both made completely by me, including patterns. The mask is from a party store, and I edited it a bit to fit the costume better. You can the find making of posts of this costume here and here.

The Masquerade Dress, Part One


My newest project is a dress based off a masquerade mask I found months ago in a Party City. It was inexpensive and I thought it was really pretty, so I decided to buy it and design a costume based off of it. A few weeks later I found this gorgeous sparkly fabric at Joann’s, and bought a few yards. So that’s how this costume started! This post will cover making the bodice and the waistband piece.

The 1495 Italian Dress, Part Three

Gown CollageThis will be the last post on my Italian Renaissance Gown, sans the post I’ll probably do on styling the hair. I completed the sleeves and hemmed the skirt of the dress this week, and it’s ready for wear as soon as my wig for it comes in. This post will cover making the sleeves, cutting the skirt shape, and the finishing embellishments.

The 1495 Italian Dress, Part Two


If you’d like to read part one of this series, you can find it here. After finishing the chemise, I finally got on to the fun part – the dress. Everything went surprisingly smoothly, and I’m in love with how it turned out. It could help that I adore the silky red fabric I got for it, but it turned out just how I pictured. I bought 6 yards of fabric for the dress and the sleeves, and used almost all of it.

The Blue Formal Dress, Photos


The weather here has been absolutely horrible, so when I managed to get some semi-okay lighting, I scrambled to get photos of this dress. The result of it being overcast is a sort of ethereal glow, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised, because it really brings out the color of the dress. I managed to get quite a few good photos, too!

The Blue Formal Dress


I’m back! It’s been a while. Between my final year of high school, working, and also a bunch of other things, I’ve had barely any time to sew. The few things I have made, I haven’t photographed making! However, this weekend I finally decided I really needed to do some sewing again (I missed it terribly), and went to the fabric store. I only picked up fabric for one project, because it has been in my mind for a while. With awards season going on, I figured it was the perfect time to make it.