The Robe de Style, Part 3


This post will cover some details on making my headache band for my Robe de Style.


The Robe de Style, Part 2


After a few hiccups, it’s done! My 1920s robe de style is completed (sans hemming, which I am procrastinating because hemming taffeta sounds like an awful way to spend an evening). This post will cover making the robe de style itself. I will be doing a separate post with details on making the headache band.

The Robe de Style, Part One


I have been dying to make a new historical costume for the last few months! I’ve had a 1920s Robe de Style on my list for a while now, and when I got some peach pink taffeta on sale, I decided it was time to get to it! This post will focus on making the undergarment for a robe de style that gives it it’s iconic shape, and is based off the pocket hoops and panniers of the 1700s.

The Floral Dress, Photos


I love the sun, but oh my gosh it was bright when I was taking these! Hopefully I’m not glare squinting too much. I’m overall really happy with how this dress turned out! The light washed it out a tiny bit, but I still think they’re nice pictures and you can see the overall construction and style of the dress! The post on how it was made is here. More pictures below the cut!

High Fashion Classics, Behind the Scenes



A few people asked me what it looked like behind the scenes of shooting my High Fashion Classics series, so this is a just a post of pictures of some of the bloopers and what it looked like getting ready for photos. Essentially, it was utter chaos sometimes, and it was absolutely lovely. Each shoot took a few hours, depending on how many books were being done. Hair and make up were done in between, and anywhere between 1 and 3 models were there at a time. Obviously, there was a lot of laughter and silly faces, especially when trying to get a few people organized and putting on serious faces. To view the entire series of finished photos, you can click here.

This is a picture heavy post.

High Fashion Classics Part Two

Women Four

(Great Expectations, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Little Women)

The second post of pictures of my High Fashion Classics Series. And another thank you to everyone who modeled for me and helped me out! You can see Part One (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, The Great Gatsby) here.

The Early 1840s Dress, Part 1

1840s dress p1

This week I’ve been busy working on my 1840s dress. It’s been a frustrating, long process, and everything that could have gone wrong, has. However, in the end, I’m actually not hating the final product, so all’s well that ends well! Through a process of trial and error, I managed to make something at I am actually pretty proud of. This post will cover making the bodice and undergarments. I was actually pretty good about photographing this process, so this post is very picture heavy!