An Embroidered Wedding Dress…

My radio silence is over! I can finally talk about this dress and the (many, many) hours of work that went into it. 103 hours of stitching, some blood, some spit, and a few dozen tears later, it was reception ready!

This is going to be a pretty photo heavy post, partly because I can’t pick between the dozens of beautiful photos Sunshower Photography took!


The Starry Night Skirt, Photos


Please note this is my last post before my vacation. I will be travelling to Shanghai, Tokyo, and Sydney (my home town!). All emails, inquiries, and questions will be responded to, but there may be some delay. You can follow my trip on Instagram here! Some posts will be posting to this blog but they are running on a queue. See you all at the end of May!

I got photos of this skirt the other day! I’d eventually like to try and get some nicer, not-in-my-sewing-studio ones, but for now these are just fine. I love how the colors of the skirt stand out!

The 1495 Italian Dress, Part One

IMGP4071I’ve finally started my first ‘big’ costume project of 2015 (only a few months in!). I decided on a Renaissance gown from Italy in the late 1400s, because it’s one of my favorite periods. The garments from this period are all gorgeous, and I’ve been wanting to undertake one for a while. Before I could start on the dress, though, I needed to work on the undergarment – a chemise. It was a fairly easy and pain-free process, and this post will cover making it.

The Blue Formal Dress, Photos


The weather here has been absolutely horrible, so when I managed to get some semi-okay lighting, I scrambled to get photos of this dress. The result of it being overcast is a sort of ethereal glow, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised, because it really brings out the color of the dress. I managed to get quite a few good photos, too!

The Blue Formal Dress


I’m back! It’s been a while. Between my final year of high school, working, and also a bunch of other things, I’ve had barely any time to sew. The few things I have made, I haven’t photographed making! However, this weekend I finally decided I really needed to do some sewing again (I missed it terribly), and went to the fabric store. I only picked up fabric for one project, because it has been in my mind for a while. With awards season going on, I figured it was the perfect time to make it.

The Peter Pan Costume


This costume was an interesting one to make. It was relatively easy, despite a few hiccups, and is being made for a photography shoot I plan to do with a friend eventually. The idea was a darker play at the traditional Peter Pan, using original elements and also inspiration from the famous Disney movie. This post will contain how it was made, before I take my own set of pictures for use until we get our shots done, since that will not be for a while.