The Steampunk Mad Hatter, Part 1

mad hatter 2

It’s been a crazy week, so apologies for not posting! I’ve started work on the base garments for a steampunk version of the Mad Hatter (hence the incomplete hat in the photo!) You’ll notice most of these photos were taken at night, because most of the work was done after 10pm, thanks to busy days and bouts of insomnia. Information on how it was done below the cut!


The Peter Pan Costume Photos

077_Fotor_Collage My wonderful friend came over this weekend and helped me with these photos. We had to take photos between bouts of thunderstorms, but we got some nice photos, so it was definitely worth the wet feet! Below the cut are the photos!

The Peter Pan Costume


This costume was an interesting one to make. It was relatively easy, despite a few hiccups, and is being made for a photography shoot I plan to do with a friend eventually. The idea was a darker play at the traditional Peter Pan, using original elements and also inspiration from the famous Disney movie. This post will contain how it was made, before I take my own set of pictures for use until we get our shots done, since that will not be for a while.


The Renaissance Winter Princess, Photos


So the weather turned bad as soon as I was going to take photos! It was still icky today, hence the indoor photos and sort of strange lighting. I’ll have to take better photos someday! Overall I am happy with this costume, although there are definitely things that need improving upon next time I make something like this. Photos are below the read more!

The Renaissance Winter Princess, Part 3


This is hopefully the last post in this series before the final pictures. I am tentatively declaring this project finished… At least until I decide it isn’t. This blog will cover the trims, veil, and last steps of the project, including decorating the sleeves, skirt, and styling the wig.

For part 1, go here, and for part 2, go here.

The Renaissance Winter Princess, Part 2


The more of this project I do, the slightly less Renaissance-y looking it looks, but it’s too late to change the name now, so I’m stuck with it. Oh well, though! Introducing the Renaissance Winter Princess dress, which now has a skirt! I planned to get this post up a while ago, but life suddenly got crazy, and also it became the Skirt from Hell. I have never had so much trouble with something, and what should have taken a maximum of 4 or 5 hours, ended up taking over 10. But I guess all’s well that ends well, because it doesn’t look half bad (and I’m not hating the sleeves anymore!)

The Renaissance Winter Princess, Part 1

Bodice and Sleeves

This dress actually started with me planning to a Red Queen outfit, as I am ever so slightly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. However, after searching the fabric store high and low, there was no good Red Queen fabric to be found that wasn’t a shiny or reminiscent of ketchup. So, after a moment of frustration, I decided it was time for a plan change, and my mother and I brainstormed for a while, until finally the idea of dresses based on the seasons that were based on royal and noble dresses from history became our focus. And, when we found a beautiful white brocade, it was decided that winter definitely had to go first.

The 1808 Regency Evening Gown


The 1808 Regency Evening Gown was my second costume piece, and created and finished before my blog was around. It took about 20 – 25 hours of work (AKA 3 days of being snowed in), and also involved an underskirt with a drawstring waist. It was my first time making something with eyelets, my first period piece, and the first time I made something with sleeves that didn’t turn out looking completely wonky. I once again only have some phone pictures of its progress, but will be attempting to explain how it was made using them.

The Forest Sprite Costume


The forest sprite costume was my first official costume piece. Before it, I had spent a few weeks sewing skirts, dresses, and a shirt or two, learning the basics of sewing, and figuring out what I was doing. All patterns were completely hand-drafted by me. All together, it took about 10 hours of planning and mock-ups, and 20 hours of actual sewing and work.

Welcome and Introductions

Welcome to my blog! My name is Inara, and I’m 17 years old. This is me:


A few facts you may not care to know:

  • I love cats.
  • I absolutely hate the cold.
  • I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.
  • I am (at the same time) a very meticulous planner, and a very good procrastinator.
  • I love the Game of Thrones books, the Book Thief, and many other books.
  • I speak very bad German and even worse French (but I’m still learning that one, so there’s hope!)
  • And finally, I love to sew (as you may have guessed).

The last point is the important one for this blog! In recent months, I’ve discovered a passion for sewing and costume design, and I’ll be using this blog to keep track of my progress, how I’ve made things, and what I’ve made, on an adventure to improve my skills and build a portfolio. I’ve only discovered serious sewing recently, but already I’ve spent hours upon hours designing, researching, and planning costumes that I want to one day make. It may seem silly to change what you want to do so suddenly, but I believe sewing is something that truly makes me happy, and is something I would love to one day pursue as a career.

So, if you are interested in what I make, how I make it, or how long it takes me, I encourage you to read on. I make a mixture of historical garments (or at least historically inspired) and fantasy projects, and both will be on this blog. I hope you’ll stay, and enjoy what I am sewing in the months to come.