The Rose Fairy, Part Three


Today I’m going to be talking about making the rose flower crown for this costume. It was a pretty quick and easy process, and took maybe half an hour. Also, I only burnt myself once or twice, which is an accomplishment in and of itself.


The Rose Fairy, Part Two


I’m at a pause in this project because I need to buy more flowers, so I thought it was time for another blog post! This post will cover the beginning of the flowers on the bodice, and the making of the asymmetrical skirt.

The Rose Fairy, Part One


This outfit will be the first in a series of rose and flower themed dresses I’ll be making – one will be more costumey (this one), the other more high fashion / red carpet, and the last likely a ball gown, because it is something I’ve been dying to attempt again). I am pretty excited for it, although I admit I’m not 100% sure it will turn out exactly how I want, but here’s hoping it goes perfectly. The post below will describe making the base for the outfit, a skin-colored leotard.

The Warrior Dress, Part Two


This dress is not going as well as my last. Although everything has been going ok construction wise, I’m not loving how it turned out – there were a few things I had to change from my original design because of not being able to find the right fabric and so on. However, it still turned out pretty well, and overall was constructed pretty soundly too, so hopefully I’ll fall in love with it when it’s all together! This post will cover making the bodice.

The Warrior Dress, Part One


In the past week, I’ve been collecting fabric for five upcoming projects, and doing all the sketches and preparation for them. Consequently, I haven’t had much interesting stuff to post. Hopefully soon I can post a fabric haul or a preview of what’s to come, but until then, I have managed to make some progress on a new project! I have had this idea in my head for over half a year, but never could find the perfect bodice fabric. However, the other day, I spotted some that would work perfectly, and since then, have started to finally make some leeway on the design. 🙂 This post will cover making the pleated, floor-length skirt.

The 1495 Italian Dress, Part Two


If you’d like to read part one of this series, you can find it here. After finishing the chemise, I finally got on to the fun part – the dress. Everything went surprisingly smoothly, and I’m in love with how it turned out. It could help that I adore the silky red fabric I got for it, but it turned out just how I pictured. I bought 6 yards of fabric for the dress and the sleeves, and used almost all of it.

The 1495 Italian Dress, Part One

IMGP4071I’ve finally started my first ‘big’ costume project of 2015 (only a few months in!). I decided on a Renaissance gown from Italy in the late 1400s, because it’s one of my favorite periods. The garments from this period are all gorgeous, and I’ve been wanting to undertake one for a while. Before I could start on the dress, though, I needed to work on the undergarment – a chemise. It was a fairly easy and pain-free process, and this post will cover making it.

The Embroidered Dress

Embroidered Dress


When digging through my mother’s old fabric stash, I came across this fabric. It was bought in Suva, Fiji in 1995, and was covered with details and embroidery. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make something with it. Although I actually hate the color combination, there is something about this fabric that I love, and I just thought it was so pretty. After finding it, it sat around for a while because I was really unsure what to do with it. However, the other day around 11pm, inspiration finally hit me and I put the whole thing together in about 3 hours.

The Space Princess


In an effort to use up extra fabric, I’ve been designing costumes around the various pieces of fabric I have around, but have never used. This was one of those projects. Although it’s not what I probably would have designed if I just have been given the prompt, ‘space princess’, it worked well for the fabric and reminds me vaguely of a magical girl in an anime.