The 1495 Italian Dress, Part One

IMGP4071I’ve finally started my first ‘big’ costume project of 2015 (only a few months in!). I decided on a Renaissance gown from Italy in the late 1400s, because it’s one of my favorite periods. The garments from this period are all gorgeous, and I’ve been wanting to undertake one for a while. Before I could start on the dress, though, I needed to work on the undergarment – a chemise. It was a fairly easy and pain-free process, and this post will cover making it.


The Early 1840s Dress, Part 2

1840s dress

I have been feeling terrible because I got my wisdom teeth out, but as I’ve started to feel better I finished up this dress! I am actually pretty happy with how it turned out. This post will cover the sleeves, skirt, and apron.

The Early 1840s Dress, Part 1

1840s dress p1

This week I’ve been busy working on my 1840s dress. It’s been a frustrating, long process, and everything that could have gone wrong, has. However, in the end, I’m actually not hating the final product, so all’s well that ends well! Through a process of trial and error, I managed to make something at I am actually pretty proud of. This post will cover making the bodice and undergarments. I was actually pretty good about photographing this process, so this post is very picture heavy!

The 50s Sailor Dress, Photos

sailor collage   I took photos of my Sailor Dress this weekend! I loved how most of these turned out, and I did some editing to give some of them a vintage-y feel, but I definitely think the old fashioned Pepsi bottles and the dress itself helped. Excuse being able to see my petticoat in some of these – I only have a black one that works for this dress as of now, and it’s a teeny bit long. I have a white one, but the black one has more floof, and I think the dress really needed it. You can read about how this dress was made here, and view more photos below.

The 50s Sailor Dress

50s Sailor Dress   I’ve been working on this dress for awhile now, but in between little breaks because life has been pretty crazy! I still have to add a little charm or brooch to the gap between the front collar, but for now, I’m pretty content calling this dress basically finished! It wasn’t super difficult, but it was a good learning experience, and was pretty fun to make.

The Renaissance Winter Princess, Part 1

Bodice and Sleeves

This dress actually started with me planning to a Red Queen outfit, as I am ever so slightly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. However, after searching the fabric store high and low, there was no good Red Queen fabric to be found that wasn’t a shiny or reminiscent of ketchup. So, after a moment of frustration, I decided it was time for a plan change, and my mother and I brainstormed for a while, until finally the idea of dresses based on the seasons that were based on royal and noble dresses from history became our focus. And, when we found a beautiful white brocade, it was decided that winter definitely had to go first.

The 1808 Regency Evening Gown


The 1808 Regency Evening Gown was my second costume piece, and created and finished before my blog was around. It took about 20 – 25 hours of work (AKA 3 days of being snowed in), and also involved an underskirt with a drawstring waist. It was my first time making something with eyelets, my first period piece, and the first time I made something with sleeves that didn’t turn out looking completely wonky. I once again only have some phone pictures of its progress, but will be attempting to explain how it was made using them.