The Renaissance Winter Princess, Photos


So the weather turned bad as soon as I was going to take photos! It was still icky today, hence the indoor photos and sort of strange lighting. I’ll have to take better photos someday! Overall I am happy with this costume, although there are definitely things that need improving upon next time I make something like this. Photos are below the read more!


The 1808 Regency Evening Gown


The 1808 Regency Evening Gown was my second costume piece, and created and finished before my blog was around. It took about 20 – 25 hours of work (AKA 3 days of being snowed in), and also involved an underskirt with a drawstring waist. It was my first time making something with eyelets, my first period piece, and the first time I made something with sleeves that didn’t turn out looking completely wonky. I once again only have some phone pictures of its progress, but will be attempting to explain how it was made using them.

The Forest Sprite Costume


The forest sprite costume was my first official costume piece. Before it, I had spent a few weeks sewing skirts, dresses, and a shirt or two, learning the basics of sewing, and figuring out what I was doing. All patterns were completely hand-drafted by me. All together, it took about 10 hoursĀ of planning and mock-ups, and 20 hours of actual sewing and work.