The Halloween Dress 2015, Photos

DSC01214Oh gosh, my poor neglected blog! I’m hoping to start posting here again with some semi-regularity. So, to start that off, I have some pictures of my Halloween dress from 2015 that I apparently just never posted! My lovely boyfriend helped me take them and I think they’re gorgeous (his flickr is here!). 50’s dresses have always been one of my favorite styles of dress, because overall they just really flatter my shape (and who doesn’t love a twirly skirt?). I’m hoping to make some more in the future.


The Masquerade Dress, Photos


I got photos of my masquerade dress a little bit ago, and finished editing them recently. I like how most of them turned out, and think they showcase the dress pretty well because it caught the light so much. The and dress are both made completely by me, including patterns. The mask is from a party store, and I edited it a bit to fit the costume better. You can the find making of posts of this costume here and here.

The Bird Nest Headdress


I finished up a few projects this week, so before starting new ones, I spent an afternoon using up some materials I had picked up at Michaels a few months ago, and made a bird nest crown! It’s a little bit weird, and a little bit quirky, but it only took a few hours and I think it turned out fun and elegant. Or, as elegant as you can be when you have a fake bird’s nest on your head.

The Little Bird Dress

I started this dress before I took a break from sewing, and came back to finish it the day I started again, as I was trying to clear out old projects. I think it’s actually one of the best things I’ve made, technical skill wise, and I absolutely adore how cute the fabric is. It’s made from about 4 yards of fabric, and has 6 piece bodice, a gathered skirt, and a zipper in the back. And, of course, it’s aptly named after the bright, bird fabric.

The Warrior Dress, Photos



I finished editing the final photos of my warrior dress! Overall, I’m not thrilled with how it turned out. I would like to remake the bodice sometime in the future, since I think I have enough fabric left. I also would like to eventually remake the skirt with the original fabric I wanted, although that’s less of a priority. However, I still think it turned out ok, so here are photos.

The 1495 Italian Dress, Part Three

Gown CollageThis will be the last post on my Italian Renaissance Gown, sans the post I’ll probably do on styling the hair. I completed the sleeves and hemmed the skirt of the dress this week, and it’s ready for wear as soon as my wig for it comes in. This post will cover making the sleeves, cutting the skirt shape, and the finishing embellishments.

The Summer Collection 2015


The weather has started to heat up all of a sudden, which means I’ve started on my summer clothes. I’ve been trying to make more of my own clothes as of late, which means doing a sort of collection with each season change. Unfortunately I don’t have making of’s for these (although I have a few I am working on that I’ve been photographing the process of, so look out for those!) but I wanted to show off what I’ve made so far. It’s hard to believe that my last few summer dresses were a whole year ago. I think I’ve improved a lot since then, and my style has also evolved a lot. So this year, I’ve been making things that are a little more retro inspired, and hope to expand upon this until I have my own sort of mini ss15 collection.

The Blue Formal Dress, Photos


The weather here has been absolutely horrible, so when I managed to get some semi-okay lighting, I scrambled to get photos of this dress. The result of it being overcast is a sort of ethereal glow, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised, because it really brings out the color of the dress. I managed to get quite a few good photos, too!