The Unique Vintage Hamilton Dress – Review

Hello again! After 3 weeks of travelling, I’m back to the world of cute sundresses and (very, very) humid days.

Just before I left, I bought the lovely and ever-popular Hamilton sundress in its new yellow and purple color, from Unique Vintage. Although I did get a chance to wear it before I hopped on the plane, I didn’t get a chance to write about it like I’d hoped! However, it’s better late than never, so here’s all my opinions on this lovely little dress (Spoiler alert: It’s cute as hell).

First, what it looks like on:

I am wearing a Modcloth petticoat to achieve this silhouette. The skirt has a lot of fabric, and could be even poofier if you wanted it to be!

The measurements stated on the Unique Vintage website for the XS (which I am wearing) are 32 inch bust, 24 inch waist, and open hips. I will say I think it’s a bit bigger than that. I found the bust to be more like a 34, and the waist to be a tad big, so maybe a 24.5. With the right undergarments and the included belt, this isn’t a problem, but it is worth noting if you’re looking for an exact fit without alterations.

The dress does up with a size zipper, which can be a bit finicky but is definitely good quality. The dress itself is made of a lovely, thick fabric that stills breathes on hot days. And it’s just so cute overall! The bucket pockets hold a lot of stuff, and the buttons seem pretty securely attached. However, the buttons on the bodice were a bit loose, and I did end up having to sew one back on after my first wear of this dress.

The straps are real tie straps, which is great for adjusting the dress, but not so great for trying to put it on by yourself. It’s doable, but definitely easier with help.

The belt it comes with is really just a long corded rope-like thing, and I was pretty skeptical, but worn it looks very cute. The length of the dress is also good – I’m a bit on the short side at 5′ 3″, so it goes slightly past my knees, but someone of a more regular height would have no issue.

I washed this dress in the washing machine with not issue. The colors did not run, and I used a regular cold wash cycle, and then air dried it. Good as new, and no dry cleaning needed!

I would absolutely buy this dress again… And, when I’m not saving for a wedding, I think I’ll be buying it in all the colors! It’s just so cute, and easy to wear.

Plus, right now it’s on sale! If you’re looking for a new summer sundress staple (say that three times fast), I think this one is going to be my new go-to. You can see how I styled it on instagram, here.







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