A Change

You may have noticed, things are a little bit different around here. You see, when I started this blog, I was barely 17 years old. I was taking my first leaps into the worlds of sewing, and soon after that, vintage style and fashion. My first project was a fairy costume, and my second, a regency gown.

But, as life goes, things change. I moved out from my house which had a dedicated sewing and arts studio, to a 600 square foot loft which doesn’t have much room for yards and yards of fabric, notions, trims, and a machine to go along with it. I began to focus more on retro style and fashion, and less on costuming and design.

It’s been over three years since I started this blog, and my hobbies, talents, and areas of interest have evolved. I have moved away from making my own historical outfits, to admiring the ones made by others. Through sewing, I discovered a love of clothing from the 1940’s – 1960’s, and I began to make clothing inspired by this area. As I did that, I found stores that catered specifically to this style, and realized that this was the way I wanted to dress.

After that, I didn’t look back.

But, because of this change, this blog started to seem a little empty and abandoned. Even though I still love to sew and do it whenever I get the chance, university, my job, and life in general got in the way of the hours and hours I used to have to make whatever I wanted. For quite awhile, I’ve considered changing this blog to better suit me now, and what I can blog and talk about, but I didn’t want to admit that full-time sewing was no longer a part of my life anymore.

However, eventually you have to take the plunge and stop denying things, and so here I am, with a little bit of a revamp. Don’t fear! I’ll still be blogging about sewing and DIY stuff whenever I can. However, I will also be posting about fashion, vintage styling and hair, and the other things that now give me joy on top of sewing. Sometimes, a little change is a good thing, right?

I hope you’ll all stick with me through this new journey, and forgive my extended absence. I’m glad I can finally start heading in the direction I want to go, and revive this blog that was once so important to me. Since my last post here, I’ve moved, got engaged (!), switched jobs, switched universities… it’s been a lot of changes! I can’t wait to grow here and see where it all goes, and for you to be there on that journey!

(And also, here’s the first ever picture of Chris that’s ever been on here!).

Hopefully, I’ll be back very soon! Until next time,




2 thoughts on “A Change

  1. Hi Inara, It is so good to see you back again!! Firstly you look so beautiful in the top photo, Hair and make up is flawless:) Also I will look forward to the revamped blog, your right , change is good. I will stick with you, and even though I missed seeing your posts , I understand that life happens. Congratulations on your engagement, I love the supercute photo of you two!! Hope to see you soon Inara, hugs, Terri xo.

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