Robe de Style, Photos


It has been so hot here, getting photos of this dress has been a nightmare! The first time we went, we gave up after about 20 minutes, but the second, we managed to stick with it long enough to get some good photos! I have to say as much as I love summer, I’m ready for the weather to cool off.

The robe de style, pannier, and headdress were completely made by me. The pattern was based off a pattern from Laughing Moon Mercantile. And for those who asked, the feathers in the headdress are dyed ostrich feathers!


DSC045321 DSC045201 DSC044721 DSC044611 DSC044161 DSC044141 DSC038931 DSC03844


Sorry for there being so many, it’s just I had so many favourites I really couldn’t pick! I was worried halfway through about how this would turn out, but I’m happy overall with the result now I’m seeing it finished! It’s always a bit worrying when you’ve put so much effort into a project and you’re not sure it’s going to look good, but it’s also very satisfying when it turns out just as nicely as you’d hoped it would.

I’ve got a couple projects finished that I need to photograph, mostly of clothing I’ve been making – my back to school wardrobe is going to be full of vintage style skirts! Hopefully I’ll be posting about those soon.




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