The Robe de Style, Part 3


This post will cover some details on making my headache band for my Robe de Style.

The headache band was a popular 1920s style, and is named after it’s apparent ability to cure or relieve headaches. It’s tight, a little bit heavy, and looks a bit over the top and fancy.


I started with a 2 inch wide piece of fabric that was about as long 3/4 the circumference of my head. I also had lots of fancy beads and some ostrich feathers.

After sewing and turning the band inside out, I had a small band of taffeta, that I attached ribbons to the end of so I could tie it around my head.


After that, I carefully layered the ostrich feather, using hot glue on each layer to secure them, and then sewed on the beads snugly on top of this.


The end! Surprisingly straight forward! The headband ties on quite easily and gives a pretty fancy look. However, I’m still undecided on it’s headache relieving abilities 😉






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