The Robe de Style, Part 2


After a few hiccups, it’s done! My 1920s robe de style is completed (sans hemming, which I am procrastinating because hemming taffeta sounds like an awful way to spend an evening). This post will cover making the robe de style itself. I will be doing a separate post with details on making the headache band.

The bodice is essentially a two piece sack with some shaping at the bust. It was very weird creating something that wasn’t extremely fitted – I kept wanting to tighten it and give it some shape! So the bodice consists only of lining, and a back and a front. Many of the extant garments and instructions I saw used bust gathers to add shape, and I tried that at first:


But I hated how it looked. It was wonky, slippery, and frankly I do not have the bust for it to look nice, smooth, and filled out. I went back to the drawing board and this time added two bust darts.


So much better!

I finished the armholes by attaching the lining, but the neckline had to be hand finished.


The bodice closes on the sides with snaps running down the seam.


I could of sworn I took more skirt progress photos, but the only one I can find is this one, of doing up the side seams. The skirt is made from 3 large rectangles sewn together, creating a big flowy skirt to go over my panniers!


After the skirt was attached to the bodice I attached silk flowers to the side. I must admit I didn’t make these, I bought them at Michaels, but the colour match is so perfect you can barely tell! I got very lucky with that one, because I was not looking forward to having to make my own flowers.


Pair it with some 1920s shoes and my headband, and you’ve got a robe de style!


You can see what the panniers look like underneath with this photo.


I’ll be posting photos detailing the headband process soon, and then hopefully photos of the entire ensemble soon after that.



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