The Robe de Style, Part One


I have been dying to make a new historical costume for the last few months! I’ve had a 1920s Robe de Style on my list for a while now, and when I got some peach pink taffeta on sale, I decided it was time to get to it! This post will focus on making the undergarment for a robe de style that gives it it’s iconic shape, and is based off the pocket hoops and panniers of the 1700s.

This is probably the silliest looking undergarment I’ve ever made, I’ll be honest. Luckily I think it’ll be lovely when it has a dress to be worn over it! I started with a huge rectangle, and referenced the Laughing Moon Mercantile robe de style hoop pattern to design my own.

I sewed together the side seams and added a casing at the top for ribbon (to gather it round the hips), and another casing lower down for the boning to thread through.


I did cheat a bit with my hoop casing, and used ribbon to hold it! 4 dangling ribbons were then sewn to the hoop casing that can be tied together under the skirt to give it it’s oblong shape. Katherine has a great tutorial on it here.

I then threaded through the boning, gathered the waist on the ribbon, and tried it on – it’s such a weird looking thing, I can’t get over it! Not exactly the prettiest undergarment in the world, but it does it’s job!



Now to start work on the dress!



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