The Floral Dress


I originally bought this fabric for me, and ended up using it to make House of Strawberries dresses! However, since I only had a bit left and couldn’t find it online for sale anywhere, i thought it was finally time to make myself a dress. I had my eye on this dress, but it wasn’t available in my size, so I decided to make my own version.

I started out with a basic darted bodice pattern (modified from Butterick B5748), and cut it out in a lining and fashion fabric. I then also cut out two waist ties and a waist band.


I simply folded the waistband over and ironed it, but the waist ties I pinned right sides together and flipped inside out. Because of this, they had just a little extra seam allowance.


Everything got pinned and sewn together quite uneventfully, and eventually I ended up with a nice looking bodice! I sewed the waistband and ties into the side seams between the lining and fashion fabric, ending up with a seamless look that also doesn’t require me constantly adjusting the waistband.


I wanted to do something a little bit different for the skirt and I liked the box pleats of the original skirt, so I ended up doing those. I hate box pleats – I always get so confused since the math is so strange compared to a regular knife pleat! But in the end I ended up with some very nice, large box pleats made from approximately 2.5 yards of fabric.


I attached these to the bodice, added in a zipper, and it was done!


Honestly, when I saw it on the mannequin I wasn’t convinced – usually I like fuller skirts. But I tried it on and actually really loved it. I had a tiny bit of fabric left and ended up making an elasticized waist skirt which is very cute.

Hopefully I’ll have pictures up soon!




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