Travel Laundry Bag / Lingerie Bag Tutorial


I’m going on vacation at the end of this month, so I figured I needed a bag to keep all my dirty clothes in (so I’m not accidentally wearing dirty things half my trip!) I looked into buying one, but I realized they’re so easy to make, I may as well just whip it up myself. This is a great project for beginning sewists and advanced alike –  it only takes a few hours, it’s easy, and it’s super useful!

You’ll Need:

  • About 1/2 yard of fabric
  • 3/8in ribbon
  • Needle and Thread or sewing machine
  • Fray Stop / Clear Nail Polish (optional)

Your bag can be any size you want – I made mine about 19 x 15. Choose the size you want, and add about four inches to the length and an inch to the width. The four inches will become the ruffle, and the inch on the width is for seam allowance.

Cut our your rectangles on the fabric fold (I marked mine straight onto the fabric, but you can trace out a rectangle pattern if you want, or if you are planning to make a lot!


Turn this rectangle inside out, right sides together, and pin the two long sides.


Sew these two seams, and press the seams open for a flat finish! If you want your bag to last, finish the raw edges with a zig zag stitch, or cut them with pinking shears.


Fold over the top edge of your bag two inches, and tuck the raw edge under. Sew this carefully. I used a contrasting thread because I thought it would look nice! Leave a small space for inserting the ribbon. After you’ve sewn this first row, sew another about a half-inch above it (or more, if you plan to use a wider ribbon). Finish this line of stitching and don’t leave a gap.


Next, turn your bag right way out, and cut a tiny hole next to the opening you left. You can finish this edge, or you can be lazy like me and use fray stop! I figure my bag isn’t going to be a huge fashion accessory, it’s just for keeping underwear or dirty clothes in, so I  decided it would do.



Finally, cut your ribbon about 1.5x as long as the length of the opening, and thread it through!


You’re done!




Use it for holding underwear, for dirty laundry, or even for a pair of shoes. It’s a quick project and great for organizing your travel stuff!






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