The Starry Night Skirt


This fabric is one of the coolest fabrics I think I’ve ever worked with. Because it is so cool, it was also kind of pricey, so I bought enough to make a poofy skirt, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! It was also really, really easy to make, which was nice.

I cut two approximately 16 inch x 45 inch rectangles for the skirt base, and a 3.5 inch x 24 inch waistband.


I folded over the waistband and ironed it, and sewed together the two skirt panels into one long rectangle, which I gathered down.


I sewed the waistband to the gathered skirt, and finished it with zig-zag stitching and ironed everything nice and flat. I added a hem, and it was done! Super easy rectangle skirt. It’s very poofy because there’s so much fabric (and also it’s quite stiff) but to me a skirt can never be too poofy, so I’m happy.



It was an easy, fun project, and I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it. Hopefully I can get worn pictures soon!



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