The Lavender Dress, Photos


It took three attempts, but I finally got photos of this dress. The weather here has been crazy – too cold, too windy, too cloudy, etc. Half my photos had to be indoors, but I least I got photos in the end!

I have to say, I love this dress. It’s twirly, feminine, and really comfortable! It can be worn with or without the belt. My hair is desperately in need of a cut, so my 1950’s curls aren’t as 1950’s as usual, but they’re close enough!







I want to redo the photos eventually in a better location / weather, but for now these are just fine! This dress took maybe 6 hours total to construct, and overall it was a pretty basic pattern – I did edit some things so it fit better to me, because store-bought patterns are always a little funny fitting in some areas, but I would definitely use it again! There’s a post on how I made it here.



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