Fabric Haul March 2016


I’m going on holiday at the end of April, so obviously it was time to buy some new fabric for some new clothes! I’m planning to make a few skirts and dresses that I can haul around the world with me (and hopefully won’t wrinkle too badly!) One of the fabrics I bought I’ve actually already made into a dress, but the rest are in the works!

So first, the Starry Night fabric pictured above, which is just so cool and quirky. It was kind of expensive so I only bought enough for a skirt (or a very skimpy dress), but I think it’ll look nice made up, The fabric has a stiffness to it that makes me think that no matter what, it’s going to be pretty poofy.



I also got this lovely, flowy floral fabrics that I’m hoping to make some dresses out of! I can never find maxi dresses in my size in the store (the curse of being short), so I’m seriously considering making myself some airy maxi dresses to wear.

I also got this blue daisy fabric. I’m honestly not sure if I want it to be a dress or a skirt yet, but I think it’ll have a vintage look to it that’ll be fun.


This fabric is literally just quotes from Persuasion by Jane Austen, and the idea of having a dress with ‘I am Half Agony, Half Hope’ plastered across the front is weirdly very appealing to me!


And lastly, I got this pink cross fabric. It’s more pastel in real life, and I think it’ll make a fun, quirky dress!

Dresses and skirts are usually my summr go to, so hopefully I will be able to make some in the month leading up to my trip! It’d be fun to have some shots of my clothes all around the world.

I’ve photographed my Lavender dress, so photos should be going up in the next week or so, after I edit them.




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