The Lavender Dress (Butterick B5748)


The last year or two, all the sewing pattern companies have been releasing more and more of these revamped retro patterns, and after seeing them every time I went to the fabric store, I finally succumbed. This pattern is just so gorgeous, with it’s scoop back and boat neck! It did feel very weird not using a pattern that I made, but overall I’m happy with the dress result. I wouldn’t exactly call this a review of this pattern, because I edited the pieces to fit my needs, but if you’ve been looking at buying I will say I would recommend it – it was a well-designed pattern and is really cute overall.

IMGP6501 I started by taking the original bodice design pieces and tracing them onto pattern paper. From there, I edited – I took about 1.5 inches off the shoulders to make the dress sit higher, shortened bodice, and took about two inch off the total size so it would work best for my measurements. I then cut this out of my fashion and lining fabric.


In the end, I ended up with a quite nice looking bodice that fit really well! I considered using the original patterns skirt, but it called for a long circle skirt. I only has 45″ fabric, which wasn’t wide enough to cut two halves on fold. And I didn’t have enough to cut four quarters, so I decided on a very gathered skirt instead. It had almost 4 yards of fabric all gathered down to 24 inches! In the end, it was almost thick enough that it looked like cartridge pleats, and my poor sewing machine wasn’t a huge fan of sewing such thick fabric.


However, once it was done, I created a small, violet waistband to add a little extra to the dress, and inserted the zipper. Photos of the finished dress are from my Instagram.



I love how it turned out! Honestly, in the beginning I was pretty wary of this fabric, but the pattern was very easy to follow and with some adjustments, fit me like a glove. I’m already planning to make it again in another fabric. I should have final photos of this one soon, as well as a big fabric haul, so look out for that!



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