House of Strawberries


Probably seems like a bit of a weird title but hopefully it’ll make sense in a minute! You might have noticed I haven’t been super active on this blog, which is unusual for me. You may also have noticed that on my instagram and tumblr I have been posting a whole lot of children’s dresses!

That’s because for the last few weeks I have been preparing to open an Etsy store selling little girls clothing. This is something I’ve dreamed of for years, so I’m pretty excited. I’ll be opening November 2nd, and until then you can find me here. You can also follow House of Strawberries (the store name and the post title!) on Facebook and Instagram @houseofstrawberries to see updates until opening!

As a result, I am probably going to continue to be a bit inactive on this blog, so following me on one of those accounts is going to be the best way to keep up with my sewing adventures!




3 thoughts on “House of Strawberries

  1. Hi Inara

    Congratulations on the shop – I joined Easy and will await the arrival of “stock”

    In the meantime I found this on display in a Melb specialty shop. It reminded me of your designer style

    It was a sort of tweed/winter material (but actually not too thick at all) with black lace over the top.

    Good Luck with the shop




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