The Halloween Dress 2015


I’m back! My surgery went as planned, so I’m slowly getting back into things. I did manage to finish my Halloween dress for the year, which is a nice accomplishment. After seeing the finished product, I was tempted to call this the retro pumpkin dress, which sounds silly, but I absolutely love it! It’s definitely 50’s inspired, and I still think the fabric is adorable.  This post will cover making the dress, and hopefully I’ll have photos soon!

I did a pretty bad job documenting this dress, but I got enough pictures to get an overview of the process. First, I drafted up a pattern. I did originally mock it up on my dress form, but I decided since I only wanted two pieces – front and back -, it would be easier just to hand draft it.


I made sure to add in darts and seam allowances, and cut this into a mock up, which fit surprisingly well! I made a few changes (mostly taking in the bust), and cut it out of my fashion fabric and lining.


I ironed this and sewed the lining to the front and back necklines, leaving the arm holes raw. I understitched these so the lining wouldn’t show.


I decided I wanted a contrast bias tape on the straps, so I used orange bias tape. I ironed it and pinned it to the sleeve holes, originally intending to do a tie shoulder bateau neck sort of thing. I actually eventually decided against this, but that’s why there is extra hanging off in the photos.


I sewed it on with contrast thread that matched the rest of the dress, and started on the skirt. The skirt is essentially 3 big 45″ rectangles sewn together and hemmed, so it was quite easy.

I attached the skirt to the bodice after gathering it down (twice, because the strings broke the first time). After I hemmed the skirt, it was done! I adjusted the tie straps and modified them into regular shoulder straps.


I love how it looks on. I’m wearing it here with a Va Va Voluminous Short Petticoat from Modcloth, which gives it a lot of volume and I think really completes the retro aesthetic. Excuse the bad quality phone picture, but it gives an idea of the final product!


For everyone who asked or sent me messages about it, my cat is doing much better! And hopefully I will be fully recovered soon, too and back to sewing semi-constantly!

Thank you for reading,




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