A Fabric Haul, September 2015

IMGP5784Joann’s had a sale! Well, more accurately, they sent me a bunch of coupons that included 30% off the total purchase and a couple 50% off one item deals, so logically it was time for a trip to the fabric store. I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated lately with the projects I had started before taking my hiatus, so I wanted to get fabric for some new projects that would help with that.

Although it’s pretty boring looking, I got about 5 yards of this blue cotton for my WWI Nursing Uniform that I have planned. It’s sturdy and pretty soft, so I think it’ll work well. I already had white for the apron and hat, and I also have some red somewhere that can be used for any small crosses.


I also got 6 yards of pastel pink organza for a fantasy costume dress I have planned that will also use a ton of fake flowers. I originally had some organza for this project, but when I brought it home it was much too orange and I decided it wasn’t going to work. This pink is so light it’s almost white, but it has a nice shine and I think it’ll look very ethereal.IMGP5792

Next, I got this really pretty floral print! I love floral prints to death, especially ones that look like they’re actually curtains in a grandmothers house. It isn’t summer anymore, but that is not going to stop me wearing ridiculously bright floral prints, so when I saw this I knew I needed a dress made out of it.


I bought piping, ribbon, and bias tape in hot pink and light pink, because I haven’t decided yet which one I want to do. I’m leaning towards the hot pink, though, although I’m sure all the trims and notions will be used up fairly quickly, as they always are.


I found this in the sari fabric section of Joann’s, and though there was only a yard left on the bolt and that I’d just grab the last piece to make a little skirt or something. When I went to get it cut, though, turns out there was almost 3 yards! I’m hoping to make a cute skirt or dress out of it, because I love the little gold detail and the watercolor look it has. Also, it flows beautifully, and you can never have too many magically flowy skirts.


And lastly, I got this pumpkin fabric for a cute Halloween, retro dress I want to make. I’m not usually an orange fan, but the little pumpkins are so cute and I adore Halloween!

I had planned to have my pumpkin dress finished this weekend, but last night my cat actually got injured after landing wrong from a jump, and managed to break her back leg in two spots. She’s in a cast now, but she still isn’t super thrilled. So unfortunately it’s slow-going trying to sew because I have to look after her.


Next week, I am also getting surgery! Although it’s nothing huge and I’ll be fine, I doubt I’ll be doing much sewing in the few days after. So I won’t be posting, and if I do, it’ll probably be queued. After that, though, hopefully things will quiet down (no more broken cat limbs would be nice!), and I’ll be back to working as usual.


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