The 1790s Dress, Part Two


The second post of my 1790s Dress! I’ve meant to work on other projects in between this dress and have a few things going, but somehow all my attention has ended up on this gown. This post will cover the sleeves and the overdress skirt. Part One can be viewed here, and you can see the dress I am basing this off of. It’s not going to look entirely like it, but you can see where my inspiration came from.


To make the sleeves pattern, I wrapped a piece of fabric around my arm, pinning it and drawing the outline with a marker. It probably isn’t the most professional way, but it gives me a good pattern that fits how I want it to. I added seam allowances and cut it out of my fabric.


I closed the seam, and attached it to my bodice. Once I was sure it fit, I made another!


I know sleeves of this period are supposed to be tight and not have volume, but frankly I don’t like my sleeves without a little volume, so I added a tiny pleat on the shoulder to create a little poof.


Next I started on the skirt. The over skirt in the photo is long and almost like a train, so I marked out an a-line train skirt on my fabric with pins.

I then cut this out to get this.


I gathered it down just a little to fit to my bodice seams, and to give it some volume.


And then I attached it my bodice and finished off the open edges!


Unfortunately it was getting dark so I didn’t get the best pictures, but you can see the overall appearance. It unfortunately doesn’t fit my dress form amazingly, but it fits me which is what is important. I hemmed the train, and it was finished.

The next post will cover the underdress.


Until then!



3 thoughts on “The 1790s Dress, Part Two

  1. This is looking so great! I love how you just decide on something you want to make and then somehow (using witchcraft I’m certain) you manage to draft pattern pieces that do the job… super inspiring xx

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