The Bird Nest Headdress


I finished up a few projects this week, so before starting new ones, I spent an afternoon using up some materials I had picked up at Michaels a few months ago, and made a bird nest crown! It’s a little bit weird, and a little bit quirky, but it only took a few hours and I think it turned out fun and elegant. Or, as elegant as you can be when you have a fake bird’s nest on your head.

I started out with florists wire.


I twisted the pieces around each other, creating a sturdy base for the rest of my crown, and making sure the circle fit to my head.


I then got my little birds nest and bird eggs and glued the eggs into the nest. There were going to be 8, but my cat stole one of them to play with and it got a bit destroyed.


Then, using hot glue and a lot of fake flowers and leaves, I began gluing them onto the circular crown, creating a particularly leafy patch for the nest to sit on.


This was probably one of the lengthiest bits of the projects, because each flowers  needed to be held until it dried so it sat exactly where I wanted it.


However, I kept adding flowers, all of which were mostly white (with a touch of pastel pinks and yellows, because you can never have too much pastel).


And eventually it was done! I figured out where I wanted the birds nest to sit on my head, and made a cut at what I wanted to be the center back. I then capped the wire off with glue and added brown ribbon to tie it tightly.


And then it was done! I don’t think there will be a dress for this headdress very soon, but it was fun to make, regardless.




Thanks for reading!




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