The Masquerade Dress, Part Two


My masquerade dress is (tentatively) finished! This post will cover making the skirt and the mask stick.

Since the embroidered fabric for the skirt was so expensive (at least, for what I usually pay for fabric), I only got about 2 yards. I had planned to cut the grey underskirt is a circle or a-line so it would help give it some poof, but I realized I didn’t have much yardage left of it, either! I thought I had bought 7, but apparently I only bought about 4.5. So, I decided to gather down the remaining piece of grey fabric, and then gather the 2 yards of the embroidered fabric on top of that.┬áHonestly, cutting the embroidered fabric to length was probably one of the most nerve-wracking things I have ever done.


I pinned this on the mannequin first to see if it looked ok, and was satisfied, so I moved on to attaching the layers to the top. To do this, I basted them together and then handsewed them tightly so they wouldn’t ungather and get too big. Then, I machine sewed them on to the bodice with a wide stitch. The fabric was only two layers, but was about an inch thick.


This gave  me an actual dress! I cut off and hemmed the grey fabric underneath, and made sure everything fit right. I also added a corset and a few petticoats under the skirt to give it volume and a bell shape like I had originally wanted.


Next I moved on to the mask. The mask was made with cheap sparkly elastic to hold it on, so I cut that off first. I bought a cheap, skinny paintbrush and cut off all the bristles.


Then, I took a long piece of grey scrap fabric and began winding it tightly around the paint brush. I secured both ends with hot glue, and cut off any stray threads.


Finally, I used another big lump of hot glue to secure the stick on to the mask, so it could be held up to my face without having to actually wear it on my head.


And then it was done! I’m still a little dissatisfied with the dress – I feel the bodice needs something, but haven’t been able to figure out anything that doesn’t look overdone or gaudy. So, for now, I am leaving it a blank canvas to come back to if I ever figure it out. I still like the dress regardless, so I don’t mind. I hope to have it photographed soon and will maybe come back to it eventually.

Thank you for reading!



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