The Little Bird Dress

I started this dress before I took a break from sewing, and came back to finish it the day I started again, as I was trying to clear out old projects. I think it’s actually one of the best things I’ve made, technical skill wise, and I absolutely adore how cute the fabric is. It’s made from about 4 yards of fabric, and has 6 piece bodice, a gathered skirt, and a zipper in the back. And, of course, it’s aptly named after the bright, bird fabric.

I started out draping the pattern pieces on my dress form of the shape I wanted. I’ve seen this cute type of neckline before, and wanted one of my own, so I styled it to have that. My first mock up fit pretty perfectly, so I moved on to the real thing.

The bodice is fully lined, and made of six pieces all together – a front, a side, and a back. I cut the fashion fabric on the fold for the top layer, so it wouldn’t have a center seam, so it only appears to have five pieces on top. This is where I stopped sewing the dress, and left it for a few months while I finished school.


When I came back to it, I sewed the pieces together and made some bias tape for the armholes. It was also around this period that when I had been creating and cutting out the pieces a few months earlier, school stress must have gotten to my brain, because the center panel fabric had been cut so all the birds were upside down! Luckily it is such a busy pattern that I thought it wasn’t too obvious, but I guess my mind wasn’t all focused on sewing.


I had a few yards of fabric left, and had planned to do a very circle skirt before realizing I wasn’t confident I had enough fabric to do so. So, instead I decided on a very gathered skirt. I cut out three panels that were about 45′ width-wise each, and sewed them all together. Then I gathered them using the string method.

I pinned and sewed this onto the bodice, leaving me with a (heavy!) dress that didn’t close up at the back. This fabric was a lot stiffer than I had originally realized, meaning the skirt had a lot of poof even by itself. It was almost like I had sprayed it with starch spray!

IMGP5130I added in a zipper, and hemmed the skirt. And then it was done!



I’ll hopefully have pictures of it worn soon.

Thank you for reading!







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