An Updated Sewing Space


I’m back! My school year is finally over, and I am also officially graduated. I’m excited for the coming months, where sewing will be able to be my main focus and activity, and I have a lot of really cool things I am getting ready to create.

But, as you may have figured out from the title of this post, I have a new sewing room! Some rearrangements in my apartment have left me with a much more sunny, bigger space for sewing, so I thought I’d share pictures.


This room of my apartment would be a dining room, but I ended up never really using that for that. The main section of the room is against this wall, and has my bookshelf with all my fabrics and tools, as well as a little desk for my sewing machine, cutting mat, and sketching. I keep all my mannequins and wig head next to it for easy access.


Above my sewing machine I have my white board (I like being able to write little reminds to myself!), and my pin boards for inspiration and other things I want to keep handy. Although there is a stool in front of the sewing machine, I sometimes move my desk chair over here to sew in if I’ll be sitting for long periods of time. I like the stool though, because it makes me sit up straight instead of slouch!

The other side of the room is a little more boring – I have my clothing rack where I keep things that need ironing or are half made, my little caddy drawers with paper and other office supplies, and my computer and desk. I got all the little lanterns from target and just sort of haphazardly strung them up – I change their placement when I get bored! I also keep my ironing board behind the clothing rack when I’m not using it, so it doesn’t get in the way.


And, finally, on my bookshelf are my three little stuffed animals – which I guess function as some sort of cliche sewing mascots. I got them all at various zoos – they are a sloth, sea turtle, and otter.

Otherwise, most things are the same – I still store pretty much everything the same way, but now I just have a little more space and a little more sunlight, which is definitely something to be happy about!




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