You might have noticed the lack of posts the last few weeks, and that is because I’m finishing up school soon! Which is very exciting. However, due to that, I’m twice as busy as usual trying to do exams and get everything completed. With that in mind, I won’t be able to post and blog as usual.

After I’m done with all my classes, I will officially be graduated, though, and able to focus solely on sewing and getting my portfolio ready. I’ll be submitting to multiple costume and fashion design schools, so I want my work to be as good as possible. Because of this, I’ll be taking a gap year to get my portfolio ready to submit to all the schools I am interested in.

I may still post every now and then will small updates, but mostly I will be gone for at least the new few weeks. However, I’ll be back sometime in August, and ready to start posting every day again.


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