The Rose Fairy, Part Three


Today I’m going to be talking about making the rose flower crown for this costume. It was a pretty quick and easy process, and took maybe half an hour. Also, I only burnt myself once or twice, which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

The first thing I did was cut a long stem off of a fake flower with pliers. Then, I bent this into a shape that was about right for my head. I have a pretty small head, so I didn’t need to use a long stem, and I bent it into quite a narrow ‘U’ shape.


I cut two strings of pastel pink ribbon and hot glued them to the ends of the crown base, so I would have something to tie and secure the crown to my head with.


I also cut the flowers off of some fake flower stems, which would be glued on to base.


This was definitely an activity that required pliers and not scissors, as some of the stems had pretty thick pieces of wire in them. It definitely wouldn’t have been worth ruining my sewing scissors for. After this was done, I heated up the hot glue again and started to glue them in a pattern on to the headband.


I did four pink roses in the middle, with bordered by white roses, and then two more pink roses on either side of those. Each rose had to be held at the right angle until the glue hardened, so that they will sit outwards instead of pointing up towards the air and looking silly. This was the most finicky and time consuming part of this process, which was otherwise super easy.


I left it for about 10 minutes after this to make sure everything was properly hardened. Then, I used isopropyl alcohol and a lint roller to remove any glue lumps or hot glue strings.

IMGP4838Just like that, it was done! It was pretty easy, if a bit nitpicky to do.

I finally bought more flowers for the actual costume part, so hopefully that will be done soon and I can officially declare part one of this series done!




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