The Rose Fairy, Part Two


I’m at a pause in this project because I need to buy more flowers, so I thought it was time for another blog post! This post will cover the beginning of the flowers on the bodice, and the making of the asymmetrical skirt.

I measured everything for this skirt on fabric, and so I didn’t make a pattern. I used a fabric marking pen (the kind that fades away after a few hours), and a ruler to measure out a waistband first. Also, please excuse the funny lighting, storms were passing through so the sky kept changing, which made my photos a bit iffy.


I also cute out a large triangle (I believe about 50-something inches across) to act as the skirt.

IMGP4666I set the triangle to the side and sewed the waistband together, but didn’t turn it inside out so the seams were on the inside. Instead, I only did larger stitches so that it would hold together when I sewed the triangle skirt panel to it, which I gathered down to my waist size.


I pinned these both together so they would be ready to sew. This fabric is super soft and light, and therefore pretty slippery, so this was a challenge. I ended up having to do 3 rows of gathering stitches so it would hold better.


I put hooks and eyes on to the waistband and it was done! It was very floaty and flouncy just like I wanted.


Next I took out the leotard again and started work on it. I cut a bunch of really tiny fake flowers off their stems, and began laying them out to experiment.


I was loving how it was looking, but I realized pretty soon that I wasn’t going to have enough flowers.


Next would come hot gluing them all on, but I soon realized I wouldn’t have enough flowers for the entire thing, so modified my design a little to have bigger flowers on the back. However, I still need to pick up some more little flowers, so until then, this design unfortunately is having to come to a pause.

Hopefully I can get to the store soon to continue it!



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