The Warrior Dress, Photos



I finished editing the final photos of my warrior dress! Overall, I’m not thrilled with how it turned out. I would like to remake the bodice sometime in the future, since I think I have enough fabric left. I also would like to eventually remake the skirt with the original fabric I wanted, although that’s less of a priority. However, I still think it turned out ok, so here are photos.







I also want to retake these photos in a forest or somewhere cool and closer to nature, but weather has been horrible. So essentially, I want to make this entire thing… Again. Since it isn’t high on my priority list (I don’t dislike it enough to want to change it, I just have things I would do differently), I don’t know if it will ever happen.

However, I did learn from the experience of this dress, and I had a good time making it, which is always the point, isn’t it?




6 thoughts on “The Warrior Dress, Photos

  1. It looks great Inara and the fabrics are very well chosen and beautiful colours on you – I see why you weren’t entirely happy with the bodice though – the fit is great but I do think it needed to be thicker somehow – especially the shaped part at the bottom – either needs to be a padded fabric or maybe even boned. As you say though not a priority just now…

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