The 1495 Italian Dress, Photos


The weather has been terrible for a few weeks, but we got a full day of sunshine (and vaguely comfortable temperatures!) the other day, so I jumped on the chance to take pictures of this dress. It was so fun to wear, and I felt a little like I should be in a Romeo and Juliet play, or some sort of Renaissance princess. Of course, besides playing pretend, I actually took photos of it with my mum’s help, and they turned out pretty well! Harsh morning light will, however, continue to remind me that I’m about as pale as a ghost.










This dress took about 14 hours total. The overdress is made of about 6 or 7 yards of fabric, and the chemise is about 5 yards of cotton. The back has 36 individual eyelets. Everything was styled and made by me, including the hairdo, the pattern for the dress construction, and the actual dress. It was a really fun project and I love how it turned out. 🙂




2 thoughts on “The 1495 Italian Dress, Photos

  1. Huge amount of work – looks really lovely – fits very well too – your sewing has really improved – details all look very neat and crisp – what a star you are

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