The Summer Collection 2015


The weather has started to heat up all of a sudden, which means I’ve started on my summer clothes. I’ve been trying to make more of my own clothes as of late, which means doing a sort of collection with each season change. Unfortunately I don’t have making of’s for these (although I have a few I am working on that I’ve been photographing the process of, so look out for those!) but I wanted to show off what I’ve made so far. It’s hard to believe that my last few summer dresses were a whole year ago. I think I’ve improved a lot since then, and my style has also evolved a lot. So this year, I’ve been making things that are a little more retro inspired, and hope to expand upon this until I have my own sort of mini ss15 collection.






I found this vintage Marvel comic fabric and just had to use it to make something! I made this skirt in one evening. Originally I had planned to make it a circle skirt, but didn’t have enough fabric. Instead, I did a elastic waistband with two different casings (both with 3/8″ elastic), and essentially made a very huge rectangle that got gathered down to waist size. I’m wearing it with a petticoat in this picture to give it a proper shape. The hair are a variation on pin curls, and I tried to do some pin up / rockabilly style make up! Red lipstick usually makes me feel a bit self-conscious, but I think after these pictures, I’m changing my mind on that.




This is another skirt! I actually made it a while back, but never took photos or wore it because it was the dead of winter and I seem to make things at the most inappropriate times for them. I love nautical themed stuff so much, and did did box pleats and a thick waistband to add to the aesthetic.





Finally, I made this dress, with a creepy encyclopedia page patterned fabric. I didn’t make the belt, but shortened it and made a new hole from one I found on sale at the store. I love the cute dress style compared to the creepy fabric! There is an invisible zipper in the side for the fitting. The bodice is only two pieces (front and back), with darts in the front to add shape and fit.

That’s all I’ve made so far, but I have a few more plans in the making. My posts have been so erratic because I’ve been working on a lot of commissions that I can’t post, so hopefully they’ll even out soon!

Until then!




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