January / Early February Update

So I haven’t got much sewing done as I had hoped I would, but that’s because I’ve been working on multiple other projects, ended up visiting a friend in another state, and ended up modeling some of my costumes for Sunshower Studios! She’s already uploaded some of the photos, which are gorgeous, and you can see them if you click the link.

Until I can post about my latest ongoing project (which will hopefully be later this week), I thought I’d update on some of the smaller craft things I’ve been doing.


Since I haven’t had much time to sew, I’ve been making earrings. I took this picture from my Instagram, but it’s been really fun working on earrings. They’re pretty much the opposite of costumes – super small-scale, quick, and easy enough (at least for the ones I make). I find it pretty relaxing, and it’s been a nice wind-down with the craziness of the past few weeks.

I’ve also started a Facebook Page, which you can find here. I’d really appreciate a like! It’s going to be a bit weird having another social platform, but hopefully there I’ll be posting more weekly updates and WIP’s, and things I’ve made for other people. Basically, it’s probably the the best place to check for ‘first to know’ sort of updates.

That’s really all I have to say for now! Hopefully soon I’ll be posting about my larger project, which combines design and photography, so watch out for that.



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