The Blue Formal Dress, Photos


The weather here has been absolutely horrible, so when I managed to get some semi-okay lighting, I scrambled to get photos of this dress. The result of it being overcast is a sort of ethereal glow, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised, because it really brings out the color of the dress. I managed to get quite a few good photos, too!

IMGP1527IMGP1508 IMGP1538IMGP1554 IMGP1555 IMGP1601

Excuse the flyaways – my hair doesn’t like to be confined.

Hopefully I’ll have a post up soon with my latest project, but I’m going away for a week so it may be a little bit.



4 thoughts on “The Blue Formal Dress, Photos

  1. Absolutely gorgeous – both you my gorgeous girl and that stunning dress! You are so very grown up I still can’t believe it! Your Mum must be so very proud of you xxx

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