2014 in Review


Well, I’m only a few weeks late!! I know most people aren’t even thinking about 2014 anymore, but I thought I’d look back at the year, especially because this blog turned a year old just a few weeks ago.

This year, I made eight costumes, and maybe a dozen fashion / everyday pieces. I also did a handful of commissions. Although the costume number would likely have been much higher if I hadn’t been busy with school, but I’m still proud of it.

Overall, if I could calculate how many yards I had sewn on my machine, I’d say it would be around 1000 feet – a lot of the things I make have lots of fabric, which means lots and lots of hemming!

My wordpress blog has had over 9,000 views, which is also pretty cool. By far, my most popular posts were to with my Daenerys Qarth Dress, with both making of posts added together totaling about 2,000 views.


I actually really hope to re-photograph this one soon, with better lighting. I also actually have a tutorial I never published on making a dragons egg (mostly because soon after I took pictures of it, it long-story-short got exploded / broken, and so I never got to photograph it will the costume. I want to remake it someday soon).

However, my top 3 things I made this year would have to be my 50s sailor dress, space princess, and steampunk mad hatter.

033 - Copy (2)006118

The project I probably learnt the most from was my renaissance inspired winter princess. Although I actually hate how it turned out, I learnt a lot from making it, and it really helped me improve. It is my least favorite costume, and my biggest learning experience.

My goals for this coming year are to sew more regularly, and focus more on construction. Although I can make a lot of things, I tend to get lazy sometimes and not finish edges as well as I should, or not work as hard on the inside because ‘no one will see it’.

I hope to make:

– An Italian Renaissance Dress

– More Historical fashion pieces

– Work more on formal gowns and fantasy gowns, to get better at working with silks, chiffons, and other ‘difficult’ fabrics.

– A remake of a costume my mother made me as a child (I recently found some remnants of fabric that got kept from it, but I have to figure out how to make them into something workable!).

– More 50s pieces

– Undergarments from different centuries

Although I still have a lot of improvements I need to make and a long way to go, it’s crazy to think I only started properly sewing about this time last year. I definitely have come a long way!

Pictures of my formal gown should be up really soon – I’ve taken them, and just have to finish editing them. I posted a preview on my tumblr.

Until then!



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