How to Make Halloween Ghosts (No-Sew)


With Halloween just around the corner I thought I would make a quick tutorial on how to make some spooky ghosts to hang around your house! I haven’t been doing much sewing because school has been brutal, but these were quick and easy to make, and there are a ton of variations you could do to personalize your ghosties.


You’ll Need:

– White (or whatever color you want your ghosts) Fabric

– Styrofoam Balls (they come in packs of varying sizes at most chain craft stores – I got the second smallest size for about $4 at Michaels)

– Scissors

– Permanent Sharpie

– Hot Glue Gun

– Fishing Wire or Nylon Thread + Sewing Needle (if you plan to hang your ghosts)


1. Get your fabric and your styrofoam balls and experiment with the size of the square you want. You can cut the edges straight, or cut a jagged pattern. Don’t worry about hemming – frayed edges make the ghosts a little bit more spooky.

2. Cut the squares out to the desired size – don’t worry all that much about accuracy – I varied my squares a little to make my ghosts unique to each other.

3. Get your styrofoam ball and place it in the middle of the square, to figure out where you want it.


4. Put hot glue onto the top of the styrofoam ball, and then quickly place it in the center. This will act as the ghosts head.

5. Add hot glue as desired to make your ghosts head sit how you want. As it dries, you want want to hold it and quickly dab (so as not to burn yourself!) at the head as to manipulate it.image

6. Twist around the fabric and press it down if you want your ghost less poofy. Leave it to dry, and then check if there are any more spots that need to be glued, to get your ghost perfect.


7. Repeat to make as many ghosts as desired!

8. Draw faces on your ghosts with the sharpie. These faces can be anything you want, but I went with the basic spooky wailing face.


For Puppets / Centerpieces: If you want to lay your ghosts on top of something or make a center piece out of them, stop here. You can also stick chopsticks into the Styrofoam to make little ghost puppets.

For Hanging Ghosts: If you want to hang your ghosts, thread a needle with some fishing wire, and tie a knot in the end. Then, simply thread this knot through your ghost, and cut the fishing wire to the desired length.


If you want a more defined head on your ghost, you can also tie the string around the head. My cat things they make excellent spooky toys. You can hang these pretty much anywhere, and they’re pretty durable.

And that’s it! Your spooky ghosts are done.



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