The Space Princess


In an effort to use up extra fabric, I’ve been designing costumes around the various pieces of fabric I have around, but have never used. This was one of those projects. Although it’s not what I probably would have designed if I just have been given the prompt, ‘space princess’, it worked well for the fabric and reminds me vaguely of a magical girl in an anime.

I started on this project with very large square of see-through pink/purple fabric. The project I originally bought it for never happened, so it was left sitting around.

002I drafted up a quick sweetheart neckline bodice pattern, and then turned it into a mock-up, which fit well and looked good. This in itself was extremely pleasing to me, becauseĀ having to redo patterns and mock-ups is probably my least favorite thing to do while sewing (and yet is one of the biggest parts of it!).

009I cut this pattern out of my sheer fabric and a lining fabric, and sewed the pieces together. Next, I added plastic boning channels to the lining.

011After this, I sewed both the bodices together, finishing the top edges. This left me with a proper looking bodice!

014After this was done, I started to work on the bubble skirt, by cutting a circle skirt out of my white lining fabric. The white fabric I used was very creased, so I had to spend quite a bit of time ironing it. And yes, that is my kitten sitting on the ironing board – she likes to destroy help with the sewing.

023After this I sewed the two half-circles together at one seam, leaving the other open, and I got the remaining rectangle I had of star fabric and cut it in two, creating two rectangles joined in the middle.

It was around this point I realized I didn’t have enough fabric to sew the rectangle to the circle. Since I couldn’t buy anything new for this project, I decided to add in two small pale purple panels at the back to make up the extra space. It didn’t look how I envisioned, but it worked.028I sewed the rectangle to the circle, creating a bubbling effect at the bottom. I trimmed the seam and flipped it inside out, gathering the rectangle to fit the small circle for the waist. Then, I sewed it down. I really love the effect created by it, actually, although I still dislike the purple back panel.

Next, I attached the skirt to the bodice, and closed the back seam, adding in some grommets and threading a ribbon through them so the dress could be gotten on and off and made tight. Finally, it looked like this.

043I also made a star hair piece, by cutting out a star pattern, sewing it, and then stuffing it. I then hot glued it onto a big barrette. Then, I found a wig and a pair of shoes I thought would go with the costume, and tried the whole thing on.

051For a project that I completed over a few days, in about 10 hours, I’m very pleased with it. The design was very much done around constraints – amount of fabric, what I already had on hand, and etc, and I didn’t expect much from it. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, I’ll be getting proper photos up of it very soon.



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