A Girls’ Gingham Dress

Girls Gingham Dress

It feels like I’ve been gone forever, but I’m finally back! After I got back from my vacation, all sorts of things seemed to happen at once that put sewing at the back of my mind. However, I’m very ready to start posting about projects and things I have been working on. One of the things I have made recently and adore is this girls gingham dress. It has a button up back and a ribbon waist tie, and I just can’t get over how it turned out! In this post I’ll be writing about how I made it.

I started with the measurements of the girl it was made for, and made a two piece bodice pattern. This was cut out of lining and the gingham fabric. I used a plain purple cotton for lining.

004I made the pattern out of cardboard, so it was sturdy enough to be used again, since it is such a versatile pattern.

Next, I sewed the pieces together, making the seams invisible.  Excuse the puckering in the picture, I hadn’t yet trimmed around the curves and ironed it!

006After this, I marked out button holes and placement on the back opening of the dress. I decided on 5 buttons on the bodice, and one that would be on the skirt, so it could be opened up enough to easily get it on and off. First I sewed the button holes.

007And then I sewed the buttons on by hand.

009Finally, it was time for the skirt. I gathered a piece of gingham approximately two times the waist measurement of the girl. This is where I should mention that I have a love/hate relationship with this fabric – it’s so light and easy to gather, but it frays so quickly and easily! It’s more delicate than I originally expected. I pinned the gathered gingham onto the bodice.

014After this was sewn , I flipped the fabric right side out and ironed down seams. Then, I did up the back seam and added in the last button and button hole.

015Finally it looked like a dress! I then got a piece of white ribbon, cut it to length, and put Fray Stop on the ends so it wouldn’t unravel. I hand sewed this onto the waist, and finally, it was done!

The final dress was very cute and I love how it turned out!

Girls Gingham DressHopefully my posts will regular again (once or twice a week), so you can expect to hear more from me soon.



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