The Summer Sundresses

dressesIt’s been a while! My sewing ground to a halt for a few weeks, due to a few circumstances. However, I am back now, with a slightly different post than usual. I have spent the last week making dresses instead of costumes, and so today I’ll be writing about those.

Soon, I am going on vacation, and when I went to the store to search for things I can wear, I found nothing I really liked or that fit me how I wanted. So, I decided instead to go to the fabric store, pick up a few yards of pretty cottons, and make my own dresses!

I didn’t photograph the processes of making these dresses, but I did photograph the finished products. All the designs and patterns are completely made by me.

The first dress I made is this backless halterdress out of a newsprint fabric.

Newspaper DressThe top is fully boned for support and shape, and the skirt is a large, gathered rectangle. The bodice sits at my waist. It’s really comfortable and doesn’t get too hot, even with being fully lined.

The next dress I made was for a scissor patterned fabric.

Scissor DressThe dress is fully lined and the straps cross over at the back. I found the scissor fabric on discount, and made the white border out of some cotton I already had lying around.

The last dress is made from a purple masquerade fabric. Like the others, it is fully lined.

Masquerade dressThe golden masks actually have quite a shine to them when the light hits them. The skirt is a circle skirt, unlike the other two, which have gathered rectangular skirts.

Now, I have some dresses to wear while I am on vacation. I’m leaving at the end of this week, so will again be leaving this blog for a little while. I may post while I am away, but I am not sure of the internet access I will have (or at least internet stable enough to blog with), so I am just going to assume I will be unable to post at all. If you want to follow my adventures or see what I am doing, I will be posting updates and photos on my tumblr blog, here. You can also look for updates on my instagram, @needlepricksandnotions. When I get back, it will be back to costuming and regular updating, all going well!



4 thoughts on “The Summer Sundresses

  1. These are just lovely Inara – I like the all but particularly like the colour of the masquerade fabric dress and the shape of the skirt. The style of these looks great with your figure. Have a great trip.

  2. The dresses are beautiful Inara – I like the variation on the patterns. I like the blue and white. They will be great fro your vacation. Where do you source your fabrics?

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