The 50s Sailor Dress, Photos

sailor collage   I took photos of my Sailor Dress this weekend! I loved how most of these turned out, and I did some editing to give some of them a vintage-y feel, but I definitely think the old fashioned Pepsi bottles and the dress itself helped. Excuse being able to see my petticoat in some of these – I only have a black one that works for this dress as of now, and it’s a teeny bit long. I have a white one, but the black one has more floof, and I think the dress really needed it. You can read about how this dress was made here, and view more photos below.

First the vintage ones…033 - Copy (2)

031 - Copy

052 - Copy

And then the more modern ones!









I think this dress is my favorite thing I have made as of recently. I’m not sure it’s my all-time favorite, but it’s definitely up there! I think it photographs so prettily, and just love the way it is so playful and fun it is (and the swooshiness of the skirt!). I’m in the middle of starting a new project, so I’ll hopefully have a post on it coming up soon.



6 thoughts on “The 50s Sailor Dress, Photos

  1. Inara the dress is just divine – I love it – the colours and design. I used to have a dress with a white collar just the same with red trim and the dress was red with white polka dots!!

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