The Daenerys Qarth Dress, Part 1

Dany belt and shoulders

A close family member has been ill this past week, so I haven’t been doing much sewing. However, they have been feeling better, which allowed me to work on the first part of my newest sewing project – Daenerys’ Qarth gown from Game of Thrones. I set to work on the belt and shoulder pieces, and you can read about it below the cut.

Daenerys is one of my favorite characters in Game of Thrones, and she has gorgeous outfits, so I figured it was only right to cosplay one of the dresses she wears! Unfortunately, her outfits also contain a lot of metalwork, so I was hesitant to make one. However, after doing some research, I realized I could make faux-metal work pieces using craft foam.

I got a pattern off the internet, because anyone who knows me will know that I cannot draw to save my life. Luckily, there are some amazing people on the internet, and I used the belt pattern found here and edited a version of the shoulder piece pattern from here.

The first step was sizing the belt and then printing out the pattern. I then gathered up a variety of box cutters in different sizes, and started cutting out all the tiny holes.


This was a long and tedious process.

Belt Progress

Eventually it was done, and I repeated this with the shoulder piece pattern. Next, I got out craft foam, and taped it together so it would hold while I cut out the pattern. Then, I repeated the process of cutting out all the little shapes, leaving me with 2 side pieces, and one large middle piece. This was repeated with the shoulder pieces.


After this, I used hot glue to glue all the tiny seams together, ending up with one large belt piece. I used fabric spray paint to paint it.


I thought it looked ok, but it still lacked a metallic sheen, so I went over it again with a layer of paint (the same kind I plan to use on the skirt fabric), and then another layer, and then another. Finally, I was happy with that, so I moved on to closures at the back.


I used florists’ wire on the edges of the shoulder pieces and on the middle of the belt to help make them stay sturdy. I also placed dabs of hot glue at the corners, to help them support the weight of the fabric without ripping (which I learnt after one ripped, and had to be hastily repaired). It doesn’t look pretty on the inside, but it works.


Originally, I planned to have the belt close with hooks and eyes, but I decided against it after playing around with the belt a litte. Instead, I but the belt edges to the right size, and used grommets, with three on either side of the belt. Although it’s probably not how they closed it on the show, it allows a little room for size adjustment, and makes it easier to keep it secure. I do need to buy proper colored ribbon, however.


And then it was finished!

048 - Copy

I’ll be writing a blog post on making the dress and fabric for the dress (in the picture above) later this week, all things going well!




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