The Steampunk Mad Hatter, Part 3



I’ve been a little sick the past week, but during spurts of feeling well, I finished up the corset for my Steampunk Mad Hatter. It has been a complicated process for me – I have never made a corset before, and it was definitely an experience. I think I learnt a lot from it, though, and I’m actually pleased with the results. I still have to attach some buttons to the front, but I think after I put them on it will look even better. Although I made a few errors, I think the result was pretty nice! For information on how I did it, you can see it under the cut.

I tried to draft a pattern for this myself, but after a few hours of failed trying, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to do it, at least not without a lot of wasting of muslin and pattern paper. Instead, I found a pattern on the internet, and edited it. If you would like to see the one I used, it was in this article. It was a nice pattern, but I had to edit it for my size and needs.



I did a mock up, and liked it, and so then cut it out of my real fabric. I used a really pretty faux leather (seen above), and a cotton lining. After cutting out my pieces and sewing them together, it looked like this.



I then repeated these steps with the lining, and cut boning to the right length. I only used plastic boning. If you were going to make your own corset, I would suggest using steel something similar. I would have, but a problem with my back and shoulder blades prevents me from this – although it would create more of a waist shape, it would also hurt me, so I decided it wasn’t worth it.

After boiling the boning and flattening to the right length, I sewed in the channels to the lining.




After sewing them together at the top, the corset looked like this. It still had to be held closed because there was no closure on the back, but I could see it coming together!




I then cut out a long, rectangular strip of faux leather and attached it to the bottom, right sides together, flipped upwards. Then, I folded it down and over to tuck under the back of the corset. After it was sewn on securely, I trimmed down the seam.



Finally, I put in the grommets at the back. They are gold 1″ ones, and each side has 9. My hand was killing me by the end of it, but it was worth it for the result!



I had a family member help me into the corset. They didn’t do it extremely tightly, and it probably could be tighter, but this is an idea of what it looks like!




I still have to put together the last pieces of jewelry for this costume, and sew the buttons onto the front of the corset, but so far I am pretty pleased. My contacts for this costume arrived earlier this week, and I am waiting for my wig to be shipped, as it is on backorder right now. After that, it will be photo time! There may be a few posts on a different costume in between here and then, depending on how long my wig takes. I have two that are planned right now, but I haven’t decided which I’ll be doing first.


Until then!



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