The Steampunk Mad Hatter, Part 2



It’s been a busy week, but I actually was pretty productive, in my opinion! I finished up the socks, skirt, hat, and earrings for the Steampunk Mad Hatter costume. I wanted to finish them before I went away for a long weekend, and so I could get this post written up. Below the cut, I’ll be talking about the process of making all these things. If you haven’t read part 1, which covers the underpieces of the costume, you can do so here.

The first thing I worked on was the overskirt. It was double the length of the petticoat base, and essentially a large rectangle. I absolutely adore this fabric, and hesitated a lot to cut it, since I didn’t want to mess up.



I gathered the rectangle down onto an interfaced waistband, and it closes with a zip and hook closures. There are two different possibilities for waist size, so it can be worn without the petticoat underneath and still fit snugly. I’m not actually going to talk about the skirt this much, since it’s a fairly quick process and I didn’t take that many photos. However, in the end, it looked like this:



Satisfied with that, I then started work on the earrings, since I knew they would be quick. I bought a pack of hooks from the craft store, and used needle-nose pliers to thread on two decorative keys.




I then focused on the part of this post that was the most time-consuming, although it wasn’t necessarily difficult – burning the cards for the hat and accessory purposes. I bought a pack of plain playing cards from the pharmacy for a few dollars. I filled a paper towel up with ground coffee, and then ran hot water over it and rolled it up, so I could dab the cards with it. Then, I ran it over the cards to stain and age them, and waited for them to dry. It was a pretty sticky process, so I didn’t get photos of it, but you can see the difference between the aged and not-aged cards in this photo.



Next, I used a candle and a lighter to burn away and singe the edges, and in some cases a hole straight through. The plastic smell was pretty pungent, but it wasn’t really bothersome and it was actually pretty enjoyable to make different shapes and patterns as I got better at manipulating the flame.



I took some photos with my camera, but none came out great, and I feel the best photo of the final result was actually one I took with a Snapchat filter, as a lot of the reflectiveness is removed with it.



With these cards, I could start work on the hat. I cut a piece of lace to fit round the bottom of the hat in a sort of diagonal shape, and then hand-sewed it on.



I then sewed up a hat band with two long ribbon tails (not in the photo), and cut away the extra edges, The ribbon, since it had wire and also was so many layers with the thick hat, was impossible to sew through, and so I ended up hot gluing the band in place with the accessories.



I used the cards and a collection of random gears I bought, gluing them on to create the hat. I actually really love the final result, and am really proud of this hat. If only it was acceptable every day wear!

The hat without the gears looked like this:




And then afterwards, like this.



Lastly, I embellished the pair of over-the-knee / thigh-high socks that I was wearing in my last post. I sewed gears that matches those on the hat onto the band of them. I thought about adding a ribbon, but ultimately decided against it.



Since I plan to add details to the skirt, I think they’re just detailed enough to add a whimsy and look cute, but not so detailed that they take away from the rest of the costume.


And that’s really it for the week! I didn’t start on the most complicated part of the project, since I didn’t want to leave it halfway done when I go away. When I get back, I’ll be able to start playing with it, and hopefully get the finishing touches on this costume. I still need to order wigs and lenses for it, as well. Although I didn’t do anything very complicated, I still thought the week and productive and fulfilling – I was pretty happy with basically everything.






3 thoughts on “The Steampunk Mad Hatter, Part 2

  1. Really great Inara – you did a fabulous job finding those keys and gears and the hat is marvellous – I especially like the skirt fabric – cant wait to see the finished costume photos

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