The Peter Pan Costume Photos

077_Fotor_Collage My wonderful friend came over this weekend and helped me with these photos. We had to take photos between bouts of thunderstorms, but we got some nice photos, so it was definitely worth the wet feet! Below the cut are the photos! Click the photos to view larger versions. 060












This was actually one of my favorite sets of photos to take – overall it was about an hour of being silly, which is something I usually don’t get to do in photos, as I almost never do more ‘spontaneous’ characters. My friend had never used a DSLR before, and I think they did amazingly for a first try! Eventually, I’ll be doing a proper photo-shoot with this costume, in a forest and with props. This costume took about 15 – 20 hours overall, and was made it approximately a week, while I was waiting for things for another project to arrive in the mail. It was fun, quick, and simple, but I think looks pretty good! Inara


2 thoughts on “The Peter Pan Costume Photos

  1. these are great photos and really capture the playful active nature of the Peter Pan character – I always enjoy reading your blog

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was a bit weird at first, since I usually do serious outfits. My sibling was actually off to the side, making silly jokes and holding a conversation with me and the photographer, which I think made the playfulness look realistic – most of the shots are actually candid ones, and I just kept my eyes on the camera / on a focus point while we messed around!

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