The Renaissance Winter Princess, Photos


So the weather turned bad as soon as I was going to take photos! It was still icky today, hence the indoor photos and sort of strange lighting. I’ll have to take better photos someday! Overall I am happy with this costume, although there are definitely things that need improving upon next time I make something like this. Photos are below the read more!

Although there are lots of nitpicky things I would change, one things I do plan to do in the future is make a hoop skirt more fitted for this dress – the too short hoop just doesn’t look how I want it to, and the bump of the too-short bottom is visible in some of the photos. However, I still am happy with this dress overall, and learnt a lot from it, so I guess all my little dislikes and things I want to change are worth it.



(Apologies for the baby hairs sticking out of my wig cap in this one! They often refuse to stay put, and I didn’t notice they had come out until I was taking the photos. Oops!)

ImageSleeve Close-up


Veil Close-up




The best thing about the dress? It’s incredibly fun to spin in!

That’s about it, except I wanted to say I recently reached 1,000 blog views and I am grateful for every one of them! Thanks so much to everyone who has looked at my posts and commented on my work – you have no idea how much it means.



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