The Renaissance Winter Princess, Part 3


This is hopefully the last post in this series before the final pictures. I am tentatively declaring this project finished… At least until I decide it isn’t. This blog will cover the trims, veil, and last steps of the project, including decorating the sleeves, skirt, and styling the wig.

For part 1, go here, and for part 2, go here.

All in all, my final hour count on this project is around 80, and a majority of that was spent on the sleeve and skirt sequins. I purchased a bag of 1000 silver snowflake sequins online, and about 300 white snowflakes that were on clearance at Joann’s for 30 cents a packet. About 800 silver and 50 white sequins are on the skirt alone, and by the end of this project, I was completely out of the silver ones. I also used various ribbon and trims.


I started by adding snowflake sequins to the panels on the sleeve. At first, I pinned them in an even pattern, with 4 on each panel, but eventually scrapped this for a 4 – 3 – 4 – 3 version instead. Each one was pinned and individually sewn on. The photo is from before the latter pattern was used, but shows what was done quite nicely.

I finished both the sleeves, and then added a ribbon trim to the border of the  bodice, and a snowflake pattern to the bottom of the ties (and managed to forget to take a photo of the last one, so that will have to be a surprise for the final photos).

trims and etc

Next, I started on the skirt. At first, I tried sewing on the rows of sequins. After getting about a quarter of the way, I realized I hated how it looked, and decided I needed to find another way to do it. And so, although I’m a little ashamed to say so, I hot glued the snowflakes on. I did 2 rows and one more widely spaced one above it. The white ones were spaced widely apart over the two close rows, and aren’t in the picture. I had hoped to do at least 3 or 4 of the closer rows, but realized that my sequin supply was starting to run pretty long.


Because of this, I moved onto the wig, which had conveniently arrived that day. It was a cheap, white 100cm long one I had bought a few days before. When I got it, it was pretty tangled and messy, but after brushing it out, it looked quite nice.

wig before and after

Picture on the left is before brushing, and the picture on the right is after.

When it had been brushed out, I made three braids at the back, and then braided these braids together, to get a very textured sort of plait. Then, I folded the one large braid into a crown around the head, and smothered it in hairspray and bobbypins. I also managed to take about 20 photos on my camera, and have not one of them turn out well. Luckily, my phone selfies didn’t do as badly.


The next day, I sewed the braid in place to help remove some of the pins, adding sequins as I meant. The result was this:


Finally, it was time to work on the last piece of the project – the veil.

The veil is made from a piece of tulle approximately 3.5 ft wide, and 2 or 3 feet long. The tulle was gathered and glued onto a hair comb. Then, snowflakes were glued onto it in a diagonal sort of pattern (with a few random ones here and there, because snow is not a very patterned thing anyway).


First, I glued flat-backed pearls onto the bottom edge. One roll was supposed to have 5 feet on it, which would have been plenty, but it ended up only having about 2, and I was very glad I bought an extra roll.


The general pattern I used was 3 silver, 1 white. This was a picture I took when I was about 50% done, hence all the blank spaces. As I got more around the 80% mark, I realized I had only a few silver sequins left, and so I used some more white to fill more space.

Eventually, it ended up looking like this (from the inside, the snowflakes look like little spiders to me, but I promise that they actually look like pretty shiny snowflakes from the outside).


Although my photo taking skills have been off this week, and I couldn’t get a great photo of the front, it has a very square Renaissancey, almost Tudorish feel, which I’m very happy about.

And so, for now, that’s it! I’m hoping to get my proper photos done this weekend, but it may not happen until Monday or Tuesday. Either way, they should be up early next week!



One thought on “The Renaissance Winter Princess, Part 3

  1. At last the trims are done – I’ve been really looking forward to seeing how that went. They look very effective. The snowflakes look really lovely Inara. The wig is great too.

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